Faith Fuel

These resources will help you in every area of your life.  Make a quality decision to feed your spirit and grow in your relationship with God!

Oral Roberts Talks About Miracles

We shared part of this amazing video in one of our recent Midweek Boost services.  You’ll enjoy watching the whole thing!

God’s Will to Heal

This free e-book from Keith Moore will build your faith for healing and is great to recommend to others! God’s Will to Heal – EBook

Keith Moore Downloads

Variety of topics including faith, authority, healing, the Holy Spirit, finances, and more.
Access this library of messages from Keith Moore on your computer or mobile device. You can even download an app. Great resource!

Kenneth Hagin on YouTube

One of the best things on the internet!
There are hundreds of messages available on YouTube featuring Kenneth Hagin’s teachings – all free. Go to YouTube and search for “Kenneth Hagin” and whatever topic you need. His teachings on the Holy Spirit and prayer are particularly insightful.
You can download the YouTube app and watch/listen on your mobile device.

How To Be Led by the Holy Spirit by Kenneth E. Hagin

A classic series by Kenneth Hagin that will help you learn how to follow God’s voice in your life.

New Creation Realities by E.W. Kenyon

Free e-book
A classic book available free online. This rich text explores the Pauline Revelation of who we are in Christ. Great to use as a Bible study course.

Christian Survival Guide by Andrew Wommack

Free online book
A guide to what to do in times of crisis.

Healing the Sick by T.L. Osborn

An incredible audio book available on YouTube.

Foundations of Faith By Jim Richards 9 audio lessons with study guide This Bible study course will give you a solid foundation in faith righteousness and help you walk free from sin.

Essential Eight Lessons from Good News Church

Good News You Can Use

God’s Word in first-person for you to confess daily.