School for Life

School for Life is a “Bible School for Believers” dedicated to helping you grow into a champion for Christ.  Join us for our Essential Eight class on Wednesday nights at 7pm during Midweek Boost.  Through attending School for Life, you will become well-grounded in the Word of God, know your authority as a believer, know how to be led by the Holy Spirit, know who you are in Christ and know how to use your faith.



Covenant Life Series

This series of classes has been instrumental in laying the foundation for our church.  Enjoy building a foundation for your own faith with these messages.

Covenant Life Manual


The Foundation of Your Authority

The Source of Your Authority

The Authority to Rule and Reign

The Exercise of Our Authority


Finding Your True Identity

Identifying with Jesus

Redemption Through Identification

The Transformation


Your Right Position in God

A New Nature in Christ

Righteousness Consciousness

The Force of Righteousness


God’s Will is Healing

Faith For Healing

Why Christians Are Sick

Living in Divine Health


The Basics of Faith

Growing in Faith

The Power of Words

Faith is an Act

Holy Spirit

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Leading of the Holy Spirit

The Power of the Holy Spirit

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

Blood Covenant

History and Origin of The Blood Covenant

The Covenant of Abraham

The New Covenant

The Blood of Jesus


God’s Will is Prosperity

Tithing: The First Step

Law of Seedtime & Harvest

Making Your Way Prosperous