Our Story

The seeds for the beginning of WRMK go back to the beginning of Good News Church. From the church's inception, Pastor Matt Judd had said that through the ministries of Good News Church, the Word of God would go out in print, on billboards, through radio and television. So in the spring of 2000 when a fellow minister who owns a broadcast radio network approached Pastors Matt & Suzie with news of a unique opportunity which the FCC had created to license a series of low-power FM radio stations to non-profit organizations, what had once seemed like a far off dream, suddenly began to take root in their hearts. Because of a limited time window, applications and engineering documents were quickly prepared and filed with the FCC, and then faith and patience went to work. Over the next several months, despite many attempts from lobbyists from powerful broadcasting moguls to kill the low-power FM initiative in both houses of congress, in April of 2001 the FCC granted seventeen initial construction permits out of thousands of applicants. Of course, one of the recipients of a permit was Good News Church of Augusta, Georgia. Good News Church now had eighteen months to construct a station and get it on the air. Equipment was researched, selected, and now Pastors Matt & Suzie had to believe in over $25,000 to launch the station. In November of 2001, Pastor Suzie's father, Ralph Kennedy, went home to be with the Lord. One of Ralph's dreams had been to start a radio station in the CSRA to broadcast the Word of Faith message. Ralph's wife Martha felt led to request that memorial gifts for Ralph be used to start the yet un-named station. Pastors Matt & Suzie desired to name the station in honor of Ralph and Martha Kennedy, and applied for the call letters WRMK. Following the memorial service, over $20,000 in gifts poured in from around the country. Equipment was purchased, but there were still many obstacles to overcome, including gaining clearance from the FAA to build a transmitter tower when an original arrangement to host the WRMK antenna on a nearby cell tower fell through with little time left on the construction permit. Once again, God was faithful and despite unfavorable circumstances, all the proper permissions were granted in record time, and the tower went up. WRMK signed on the air shortly after 11:00 am on Sunday September 30th, 2002. Under Low-Power FM regulations, WRMK's signal is limited to 100 watts, which covers a radius of 4 to 6 miles around the transmitter location on Warren Rd which allows the station to cover almost all of Augusta/Richmond County, parts of Columbia County, and Aiken County SC. The FCC granted the actual broadcast license on January 29th, 2003. Though many other construction permits have been granted to low-power FM applicants, only a small handful have received a broadcast license. WRMK, Faith 100.3 is pleased to broadcast the Word of Faith message, and powerful praise and worship music 24 hours a day to the CSRA.

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